Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teaser Tuesday | Nadia's Tears Chapter 8

Time Marches On

Did I mention waiting is totally against my nature? If I didn’t think all capital letters was an offense against nature, I would render “I hate waiting” in just that manner.

I don’t think Jillian has this problem because she gets so wrapped up in her dream work that her real sleep is very deep. There had better not be a fire in the Blairington home because I think Jillian would sleep or work right through it.

(Warning: Do not try reading the following sentence aloud in one breath nor take it as completely grammatically correct.) A typical school day works like this: wake up at a terribly early hour, do a quick loop between my house and the Blairington’s house to transfer Michio and Isaac to Mom, go to school, pick Jillian up, swing by my house to pick up the boys, do homework, watch Isaac and Michio, help Mrs. B. make dinner, eat with the Blairingtons, take Jillian, TJ, and Michio on their nightly constitutional, do more homework, drive home, greet family, crash into bed. Rinse and repeat four more times and you’ve got my typical school week. The days Mrs. B. has off are slightly easier because I don’t have to do that morning and afternoon loop between my house and Jillian’s. No wonder my mom thinks I’ve abandoned the family. Note to self: spend more time with the family.

The Exhausted One,

Danielle Matheson.

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