Saturday, March 21, 2015

I'm Excited to Join the Lei Crime Kindle World Launch! 4/7/15

I'd hesitated to make this announcement because I wasn't sure I would make the deadline, but I'm going to make it. If I have to write all day and night from now to April 7th, I'll make it. Fortunately, I don't think those extremes are necessary. Probably just a few more long nights until the rough draft is finished.

Short version of how I got involved: I send Toby Neal a copy of my review of her book Unsound. I found a few very intriguing lines in Blood Orchids,

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, you should probably just read Toby Neal's Blog post announcement revealing the newest Kindle World about to launch. Officially sanctioned fanfiction, what's not to love? Seriously, I get to play with the big-kid toys now.

My novella will be called Defining Moments Episode 1: Never Again. It features a young Michael Stevens and his childhood best friend, Alana Adams. I won't say too much more at this point, but I will say that I got to explore the question of why Michael chose to pursue a law enforcement career.

If you love the Lei Crime Series, don't be jealous, join us! The world will be live for 10 years, so read the rules when they go live and help expand this fabulous world.

Find Toby on FB or Twitter

Oh, and because I'm such a slacker as a blogger, you all get to enjoy my cover reveal this second too.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Devya's Children Series Undergoing a Facelift

I'm pleased to announce that I've hired a very talented cover artist to create the new face for Ashlynn's Dreams, Nadia's Tears, and Malia's Miracles. Right now, the covers are very stylized, giving off a manga vibe, which some people find cool. However, I can see how it can potentially say Middle Grade book instead of YA or science fiction book.