Thursday, November 28, 2013

Goodreads Thursday | The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill

Titles:  The Cry of the Icemark (Book 1)
Blade of Fire (Book 2)
Last Battle of the Icemark (Book 3)
Series:   The Icemark Chronicles
Author:  Stuart Hill
Length:  450-600 Pages
Genre:  Sci-Fi Fantasy
Grades:  5-12

An epic, highly acclaimed fantasy that has just been optioned as a feature film by Fox 2000!

The Icemark is a kingdom in grave danger. Its king has been killed in battle, its enemy lies in wait, and its fate rests on the shoulders of one girl. Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield, a beautiful princess and an intrepid warrior, must find a way to protect her land from a terrible invasion. She will forge an extraordinary alliance of noble Snow Leopards, ancient Vampires, and ferocious Wolf-folk. She will find unexpected strength in her friendship with a young warlock. And she will lead her allies to victory with her fierce battle cry: "Blood! Blast! And Fire!"
The Cry of the Icemark
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Following THE CRY OF THE ICEMARK, a huge success in England and critically acclaimed in the U.S., the next epic adventure in The Icemark Chronicles.

Many years have passed since Queen Thirrin and her allies defended the Icemark against a brutal invasion. But now General Bellorum is back, along with his bloodthirsty spawn--twin sons even more vicious than him. Thirrin and Oskan also have a family: two girls and three boys. But darkness lurks within the House of Lindenshield: Medea, the couple's cold-hearted fifteen-year-old daughter, is just coming into her magical powers, and she may be the downfall of the kingdom. It's up to her brother, Charlemagne, crippled by polio as a child, to return from exile and rescue the land he loves.

Blade of Fire
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Allied with Cronus, the embodiment of all evil, Medea has raised an army of the undead to invade her family's kingdom. Now in paperback, the thrilling conclusion to the acclaimed ICEMARK trilogy!

Oskan and Thirrin thought their bad-seed daughter was gone for good -- burnt to a cinder and cast out onto the Spirit Plain. But banishment did not kill Medea: It made her stronger. Now, allied with Cronus, embodiment of all evil, the young sorceress is plotting revenge. Queen Thirrin is distracted by a new invader whose troops ride huge triceratops-like beasts into battle. But the warlock Oskan realizes the true threat to the kingdom is the demon army assembled by his daughter. To ensure the Icemark's eternal safety, he knows he must destroy her soul--even at the risk of his own.

Last Battle of the Icemark
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teaser Tuesday | Nadia's Tears Chapter 5

Not so Happy Birthdays

“How can someone close off their mind?” I wondered just as Jillian asked her question.

Varick shrugged. “I’m not sure they knew exactly, but I think she had to be somewhere within a few hundred feet of her target. Part of her training when she turned six helped her get past basic things that kept minds closed to her previously, including certain drugs and very high emotions.” Varick stopped, clearly reluctant to go on.

“Then the really unpleasant lessons began, right?” I asked. I kept my tone soft, partly dreading what he would say.

“Seven and eight were respectively physical and emotional pain,” he said, his voice quietly dangerous. “She also practiced medium proximity manipulation of people’s thoughts.” Varick cleared his throat and forged on. “Nine and ten had her reading people’s physical and emotional states and manipulating them from afar. During her ninth year, they dabbled a little in predictions, but that never went far.”

“Why?” Jillian and I asked in unison.

“Too many variables,” Varick replied. “When Nadia turned eleven, they had her creating complex scenes and illusions inside others. At twelve and thirteen, she was taught how to seek motives and deal with hostile minds. She’ll be fourteen in a few months. As I’ve said, she’s had some problems around her birthday before but never this early.”

“Do you know what she’s supposed to learn next?” I inquired.

Varick shook his head in frustration. “I wish I did. I think that would answer a lot of questions.”

By this point, I didn’t know what Jillian thought of all we had just learned, but honestly, I was reeling. I like Nadia. Hearing her story from her closest brother made it somehow more painful. Maybe you can explain that to me. Again Devya’s dual nature reared its ugly and beautiful head. On the one hand, Nadia’s a victim, a slave to Devya’s scientific whims. On the other hand, Nadia’s one of the most talented and finely crafted humans ever born. Her life could indeed lead to those scientific breakthroughs Dr. Carnasis once promised.

I feel like I’ve been here before.

The Mildly Depressed One,

Danielle Matheson.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snippet Saturday | Heartfelt Cases 3: The Davidson Case


Carol Davidson stepped onto the back porch carrying her son and saw her two daughters playing near the stream. “Joy! Julie Ann! Get away from there this instant!” The shout caused young Nicholas to squirm in her arms. Carol’s face turned a lovely shade of pink, matching her happy spring blouse.

Girls are supposed to be easier to raise than boys. How many times have I told them to stay away from the stream?

The girls froze. Their smiles vanished, and they braced for a tongue lashing.

Carol stormed down the steps clutching poor Nick tightly. Her daughters’ half-petrified expressions gave her some measure of satisfaction, but as far as abating anger goes, it was about as effective as spitting at a forest fire. “Joy, inside now!” she barked, barely looking at her seven-year-old. Carol let Nick climb down. “And take Nick with you.”

Joy threw a half-mocking, half-sympathetic grin at her sister and did as bid. Normally, Nick would have fought Joy, but today, he meekly took her hand, gazed solemnly at his other sister as Joy led him toward the house.

Carol watched them go before piercing her twelve-year-old daughter with a stare.

“Sorry,” Julie Ann muttered, avoiding eye contact. The girl’s fiery spirit warred with her common sense. Her expression wavered between innocent and apologetic before turning defensive. “But it—”

“I don’t care whose fault it was this time, Julie Ann. You’re

older; she looks up to you—they both do. You’ve got to set an example for them.”

“It was Joy’s idea!” Julie Ann protested.

“And it was your job to tell her ‘no,’ ” Carol replied, her patience waning fast.

“I am not her keeper!” Julie Ann said, planting her right foot defiantly.

Carol stared hard at her daughter.

Well at least she pays attention in Sunday school …

“Grow up!” she snapped, immediately regretting it.

Jaw tightening, Julie Ann turned away to hide frustrated tears.

Softening her voice, Carol said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I—I just worry about you, Joy, and Nicholas.” She pulled her daughter into a hug. “They’re younger than you, Julie Ann. You’ve got to watch over them.”

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Goodreads Thursday | Sing Her Home by June J. Austin

Title:  Sing Her Home
Author:  June J. Austin
Length:  159 Pages
Genre: Mature YA
Released:  September 7, 2013

Cassidy Newberry lives in Nova Scotia, in the small town of Cold Harbour. Along with her Papa, Mama, and sisters, Corrine and Ruth, she is happy with her “Allot” in life. A terrible car accident takes the lives of her Papa and sister, Corrine. What happens after the accident will separate her from the rest of her family and leave her in a coma. She will fight for her life, and a way back to her family.

Sing Her Home is a heart-wrenching, poignant tale written from young Cassidy’s point of view, opening the reader’s eyes and taking them on a roller coaster of emotions.

Warning: This book contains graphic language, violence, and sexual situations that are not suitable for young children.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mystery Monday | Top 10 Favorite Restaurants

List of top 10 favorite restaurants:

1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Clinton Station Diner
3. Panera Bread
4. Gallop
5. Olive Garden
6. Cracker Barrel
7. Applebees
8. Ruby Tuesdays
9. Wendy’s
10. Smith and Wollensky in NYC

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Sign Up | 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

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Let's have some fun!!!

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Goodreads Thursday | Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson

Title:  Steelheart
Series:   Reckoners #1
Author:  Brandon Sanderson
Length:  400 Pages
Genre: Sci-Fi Children
Released:  September 24, 2013

Ten years ago, Calamity came. It was a burst in the sky that gave ordinary men and women extraordinary powers. The awed public started calling them Epics.

But Epics are no friend of man. With incredible gifts came the desire to rule. And to rule man you must crush his will.

Nobody fights the Epics . . . nobody but the Reckoners. A shadowy group of ordinary humans, they spend their lives studying Epics, finding their weaknesses, and then assassinating them.

And David wants in. He wants Steelheart—the Epic who is said to be invincible. The Epic who killed David's father. For years, like the Reckoners, David's been studying, and planning—and he has something they need. Not an object, but an experience.

He's seen Steelheart bleed. And he wants revenge.

My Review
**Warning may contain spoilers.**

Intro: All right, I'll get the gushing out of the way in the beginning. Brandon Sanderson's a prolific, excellent writer who can take old formulas and make you like them all over again. This book is the first in a new series that I'm guessing will be 3-4 books long, depending on the success of the first two.

Back cover blurb in short: Calamity struck and some people turnied into Epics, people with superpowers, only instead of righting the world, they decided to conquer it. The young hero, David, sees his father's murder and so dedicates his life to taking down one of the most powerful Epics, Steelheart. To that end, he joins up with the Reckoners, a group of humans whose sole purpose in life is taking down Epics.

The Good: Dialogue tends to be snappy. Sanderson managed to take a fairly basic formula and breathe new life into it. Most of the story's predictable, yet leaves you feeling satisfied in the end. Even though the book's billed as YA, I'm sure many adults (New adults?) will also enjoy it, especially if they already like the author's other works. (Cheers for Mistborn. Sorry, I just got finished reading a British book.)

Neutral: It's almost like Sanderson was given the cast of characters and told to make it work. We've got the wise older man, Prof, who founded the Reckoners and has a few secrets about him. Tia, the Cola slugging smarty, who handles the research end of things. Abraham, a mechanical genius, and Cody, a smart-alecky guy who has a unique brand of lame humor. Megan, token hot chick for the hero to fall in love with, who also has secrets (surprise, surprise). Who doesn't have sercrets in a bunch like that. David, new guy, kid figuring out the ropes and happens to be awesome at it...or very lucky.

Why only 4.5 stars?: David's a teenager. As a narrator, he gets annoying at times. Maybe I've just read too many of Sanderson's other stuff. Only one plot twist actually struck me as a surprise. Kinda disappointing b/c there are quite a few plot twists. The semi-blantant bid for a sequel just based on the author and the marketing campaign.

Conclusion: If post-apocalyptic fiction is your thing, read this book. If Brandon Sanderson's already a name you respect, read this book. (It's worlds better than that odd foray into math magic - Rithmatist.) If you're up for alot of action, tech, characters, etc, read this book.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teaser Tuesday | The Collins Case Chapter 9

Monday morning, the first thing that melted through the fog of Julie Ann Davidson’s brain was the sudden stream of profanities that came from a side office she passed. Her eyes widened and she blushed, scooting by the door as quickly as possible. Two steps from her tiny office an excited voice grabbed her attention.

“Davidson, Duncan, East conference room. Big case coming up!”

Her partner appeared at her side, and they exchanged glances but didn’t speak. Ann wasn’t even sure who had originally spoken to her, let alone how to respond to them.

“Did you sleep at all this weekend?” her partner asked in her ear.

Ann couldn’t decide whether to be flattered by or annoyed at the concern in his voice. She jerked her head in a quick nod, but didn’t have time to elaborate. Inwardly, she cringed a bit.

So much for makeup’s magic.

Ann had just decided to accept the concern graciously when she realized her partner was already halfway to the conference room where the meeting would take place. Rolling her eyes, Ann dashed to catch up.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Get Yours Free Today | The Collins Case (Heartfelt Cases #1)

Title: The Collins Case
Series: Heartfelt Cases (Book 1)
Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Release Date: October 31, 2012
Genre: Christian Mystery


Working for the FBI certainly isn’t a “normal” job, but Special Agent Julie Ann Davidson has never encountered a case as personal as this one. Although not officially assigned to the case, Ann and her partner, Patrick Duncan, take up the cause of finding Rachel, Jason, and Emily Collins. As if that task wasn’t enough, Ann and Patrick also have a baffling case of internet thievery to investigate.

Who is Christopher Collins and what about his past is endangering his family? Where are Rachel and the kids being held? Where is God in the midst of chaos? Will Ann and Patrick arrive in time or will they find only pain?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Snippet Saturday | Redeemer Chronicles Awakening

Vic looks worried. She tries to hide her feelings, but any Saroth with the smallest Minder capabilities could read her. I am uncertain about whether or not she knows where we are going. Some say quests must have an object or end goal in mind. For now, the goals are simply to stay alive and find Vic’s father.

My young friend bears the mark of the Chosen Redeemer, but she does not yet realize it. I would like to tell her of the prophecy, but Father has forbidden it. I do not agree with him on this matter, but I shall honor the order for now. My ultimate task has always been to protect the interests of my people. Father has been meeting with the Dark Man again, and while he—Father—has a mind of his own, I fear the Dark Man’s influence is growing. A time may come wherein I must tell Vic everything I know, but for now, I will keep silent.

Poor Vic. She is not a subtle person. If she feels something or thinks something, her expression and demeanor will declare it. Her crystal blue eyes cannot hold a secret inside, and she does not have the luxury of turning herself into a bug to avoid confrontations. Perhaps that is why her own father has not enlightened her. He was once very highly regarded among the Arkonai huntsmen; he might have even become Supreme Huntmaster if he had completed the contract on Vic’s mother. Instead, he chose a different path. Despite this, he must know more than he has told my friend.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Flash Friday | Follow My Blog & Share Giveaway

Who's ready for a Flash Giveaway?  Today we have a signed bookmark + postcard prize pack up for grabs!  For a chance to win this prize pack follow the instructions below!
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The Collins Case - Free Nov. 8 - 12

Title: The Collins Case
Series: Heartfelt Cases (Book 1)
Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Release Date: October 31, 2012
Genre: Christian Mystery
Presented by: As You Wish Tours
Banner Made by: Camelia Miron Skiba


Working for the FBI certainly isn’t a “normal” job, but Special Agent Julie Ann Davidson has never encountered a case as personal as this one. Although not officially assigned to the case, Ann and her partner, Patrick Duncan, take up the cause of finding Rachel, Jason, and Emily Collins. As if that task wasn’t enough, Ann and Patrick also have a baffling case of internet thievery to investigate.

Who is Christopher Collins and what about his past is endangering his family? Where are Rachel and the kids being held? Where is God in the midst of chaos? Will Ann and Patrick arrive in time or will they find only pain?


Rachel Collins had a perfect life. She loved her job as a medical doctor at a small, private practice in Pennsylvania. Her husband—Dr. Christopher Collins—was easy on the eyes and wonderful in every way that mattered. Their two young children brought much joy—and good-natured chaos—into their lives. God had certainly blessed them as a family. At least, she thought so anyway. Though he never put down her religion, Chris never promised to believe a word of it either.

Thank you for being good to us, Father, Rachel thought, tilting her head to the side and watching her husband crawl around on the floor with the children. She only wished that nights like this weren’t so rare. She kept fairly regular hours, but Chris worked at Millcreek Community Hospital, so his schedule had to be a little more flexible.

Sandy probably gets to see the kids more than we do, Rachel mused bleakly, thinking of the girl she hired to watch the kids while she worked. Tonight, Chris had persuaded a friend to switch shifts so he could spend time at home with the family.

What did you use to bribe him, Chris?

“No, Emily. Not yours,” said Jason, green eyes ablaze to make his point.

Rachel smiled, amused by the strained patience in her five-year-old son’s tone as he addressed his little sister.

“I have?” asked Emily, tears welling up in her warm brown eyes. The child’s bottom lip stuck out, and she shoved a finger into her mouth. Her brother grunted irritably but let her keep the building block clutched in her chubby right hand.

It amused Rachel that Emily, at the ripe old age of three, could manipulate her brother so well.

You’ll break hearts when you’re older, Emily Adele Collins.

About the Author
Julie mainly confines her writing to three genres: Christian inspirational, YA real-world science fiction, and normal science fiction.

She likes teaching, writing, reading, sleeping, doing puzzles, and hanging out with friends. (Not necessarily in that order)

Writing has made her super picky about the things she reads but normally, her reading list includes something that fits under the thriller, mystery, science fiction, or fantasy.

Occasionally, she attempts short poetry. The poems turn into songs, which she sings with abandon when nobody's looking.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Goodreads Thursday | Cloaked in Red by Vivian Vande Velde

Title:  Cloaked in Red
Author:  Vivian Vande Velde
Length:  127 Pages
Genre: Children's Fantasy
Released:  February 7, 2012

So you think you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the girl with the unfortunate name and the inability to tell the difference between her grandmother and a member of a different species? Well, then, try your hand at answering these questions: Which character (not including Little Red herself) is the most fashion challenged? Who (not including the wolf) is the scariest? Who (not including Granny) is the most easily scared? Who is the strangest (notice we're not "not including" anyone, because they're all a little off.)? Who (no fair saying "the author") has stuffing for brains? Master storyteller Vivian Vande Velde crafts eight new stories involving one of the world's most beloved (and mixed-up) characters in literature. You may never look at fairy tales in quite the same way again.

My Review
**This review contains mild spoilers.**

Author's note:
Few authors can make their note laugh-out-loud funny, but Velde has a uniquely twisted style of telling things that either comes off charming or annoying. I'm in the charmed camp.

The Red Cloak
Brief Summary: Meg's mother dies an old, ratty cloak a vibrant, look-at-me red color.
Commentary: Probably the most straightforward of the Little Red Ridding Hood recountings.

The Red Riding Hood Doll
Brief Summary: Georgette is a skilled seamstress whose bad encounter with a snotty customer sparks a fit of creativity to give her something she longs for, but it turns out not exactly as she'd imagined it would.
Commentary: Velde does a nice job of using a few pages to make one care for Georgette, but the short story's ending is a little cliché.

Little Red Riding Hood's Family
Brief Summary: Starts out sounding like the real deal Riding Hood story, but ends up way cooler with some neat twists.
Commentary: So far, the most fun tale told.

Granny and the Wolf
Brief Summary: Nelda needs to fend off a zealous suitor.
Commentary: The "fine self" references were funny. A charming tale that reminded me a bit of a comedy routine. It also had a satisfying ending.

Deems the Wood Gatherer
Commentary: A humorous tale of a shortsighted woodsman.

Why Willy and His Brother Won't Ever Amount to Anything
Commentary: Isolda's just all right but I do love the twist at the end.

The Little Red Headache
Commentary: A wolf's tale.

Little Red Ridding Hood's Little Red Ridding Hood
Commentary: A cloak's tale. A satisfying end to a charming book.

Conclusion: Even if you have a passing interest in The Little Red Riding Hood story, you should get this book. The cover doesn't really fit it in my opinion, and there are some tales that are a tad boring, but's a pretty neat collection. It would make a great gift for a teen or preteen as well as a literature loving adult. The references to other stories are witty and satisfying.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday | Ashlynn’s Dreams Chapter 27

“What’s this about, Dean?” asked Nadia’s momma. “Who is she?”

“Her name is Ashlynn,” Dr. Devya said.

“Jillian,” I said at the same time as Danielle.

He ignored us. “She was born while you were still with us, but I wanted her to grow up with a natural family for a while. You missed a lot by leaving when you did.”

“Would you have let me stay?” asked Nadia’s momma.

A look I didn’t understand passed between Nadia’s momma and Dr. Devya. He adjusted his suit. I wondered why he always wore a

suit, but it seemed like a bad time to ask. Suits just don’t seem comfortable. Well, come to think of it, Dr. Devya and Nadia’s momma seemed real uncomfortable in that moment.

“Would you have stayed?” Dr. Devya asked at last.

She thought a minute. “Probably not. Not after Brenton.”

“One experiment went wrong. It happens.”

“He was a little boy, Dean.”

“It was an accident.”

“It was an injustice,” Nadia’s momma fired back.

“Training makes them better.”

“It’s not supposed to kill them.”

“I agree.”

“Do you really?”

It was like watching a tennis match.

Their gazes locked and held. At last, Dr. Devya sighed and broke the eye contact, looking real sad. “Well, we did better with the subsequent subjects. You’ve never met Aiden, though you worked so hard to make him what he is. He’s quite a wonder. They’re all wonders, which brings me back to Ashlynn. She’s the dreamer I was searching for all those years, but she’s developed some anomalies, too.”

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mystery Monday | A little about myself...

I’ve been asked to share a little about myself.

I’m currently a high school chemistry teacher in a public school. The journey to this position has been interesting and not necessarily the traditional route. I studied Biology in college but realized I didn’t want to do research or become a doctor. Upon re-evaluating my life as a college senior, I discovered that I loved science at the high school level, where I could explore a vast array of topics one right after the other. Since my college (The College of New Jersey, formerly Trenton State College) was already known as a teacher’s college, I had no qualms about applying there for graduate school.

After receiving a Master’s of Arts in Teaching from TCNJ, I got a job teaching biology at a public school. First year of teaching is always a rough year, but mine seemed particularly ill-fitted. The next year I landed back at my old high school teaching chemistry, where I learned that I actually loved the subject about 20x more than I enjoyed biology. Soon thereafter, I realized I wanted to return to college to get the last few credits I needed to be fully certified to teach chemistry. I stayed at my old high school for a total of 4 years before the opportunity arose for me to take on the necessary college courses needed for certification. I finished those classes December of 2012, took the Praxis II exams at the end of January, got the Praxis II exam scores the end of February, and signed for my new job March 15, 2013. God certainly opened and closed a lot of doors to bring me to this point, but I’m confident this is a good place for me.

Teaching’s a wonderful career. Teaching science is especially rewarding because most students can do way more than they give themselves credit for. Unlocking that potential is a satisfying challenge. Teaching at the high school level also affords chunked time off during the summer. Most people who aren’t teachers only hear that and think we have it easy, but they don’t really think about the countless nights and weekend hours spent grading, creating tests, worksheets, powerpoints, etc for lessons, or lesson planning. I’m not complaining, just stating a fact few non-teachers come to realize on their own. The time off in the summer allows me to indulge in a side career as a writer.

People have asked if I’d like to write full time instead of teaching, but the more I think about that question, the more I like the way things are, part teaching and part writing. Chemistry’s a very organized, orderly subject, while writing allows for a wide range of creative outlets. Science fiction is especially fun because pretty much anything goes as long as you can explain it well.

Thanks for listening,
Julie C. Gilbert