Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday | Ashlynn’s Dreams Chapter 27

“What’s this about, Dean?” asked Nadia’s momma. “Who is she?”

“Her name is Ashlynn,” Dr. Devya said.

“Jillian,” I said at the same time as Danielle.

He ignored us. “She was born while you were still with us, but I wanted her to grow up with a natural family for a while. You missed a lot by leaving when you did.”

“Would you have let me stay?” asked Nadia’s momma.

A look I didn’t understand passed between Nadia’s momma and Dr. Devya. He adjusted his suit. I wondered why he always wore a

suit, but it seemed like a bad time to ask. Suits just don’t seem comfortable. Well, come to think of it, Dr. Devya and Nadia’s momma seemed real uncomfortable in that moment.

“Would you have stayed?” Dr. Devya asked at last.

She thought a minute. “Probably not. Not after Brenton.”

“One experiment went wrong. It happens.”

“He was a little boy, Dean.”

“It was an accident.”

“It was an injustice,” Nadia’s momma fired back.

“Training makes them better.”

“It’s not supposed to kill them.”

“I agree.”

“Do you really?”

It was like watching a tennis match.

Their gazes locked and held. At last, Dr. Devya sighed and broke the eye contact, looking real sad. “Well, we did better with the subsequent subjects. You’ve never met Aiden, though you worked so hard to make him what he is. He’s quite a wonder. They’re all wonders, which brings me back to Ashlynn. She’s the dreamer I was searching for all those years, but she’s developed some anomalies, too.”

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