Monday, February 24, 2014

Review | Batman Begins Soundtrack

Name: Batman Begins
Music:  Soundtrack
Tracks: 12
Released: June 2005

Track Listings

1. Vespertilio
2. Eptesicus
3. Myotis
4. Barbastella
5. Artibeus
6. Tadarida
7. Macrotus
8. Antrozous
9. Nycteris
10. Molossus
11. Corynorhinus
12. Lasiurus

I tend to listen to things obsessively, I'll admit that. On the way to and from work for over a month now, I've kept this CD going. It's that good. Pirates of the Carribbean 2 had kept that slot warm for the months prior to this one, but I think I found my new musical obsession. Heck, I'm listening to it right now, and I'm not driving... yes, I bothered to go out to my car, turn the car on, retrieve my CD, turn off the car, and walk all the way back into the house to play it while I work.

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