Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teaser Tuesday | Heartfelt 1: The Collins Case Chapter 4

Shocking News

It was a very long drive from Washington, D.C. to Western Pennsylvania, but thankfully, the six-plus hours of driving passed quickly. Unfortunately, the long drive gave Ann plenty of time to worry about Rachel. Actual travel time was lengthened by the need to refuel both herself and the car.

“Home sweet home,” she muttered, nearing her destination. Ann’s family actually lived in Fairview where the Collins family also resided, but Albion was only about a twenty to twenty-five minute drive away. She considered stopping by to say hello, but figured she should try to talk to Officer Long first. Then, she could check out Rachel’s wrecked house and see if there was enough time for a visit home.

Her cell phone played “It’s a Small World,” courtesy of Agent Baker being bored and somehow getting his grubby hands on her


Darn, I really need to change that ringtone.

Ann fumbled for a moment, trying to dig the phone out of her purse and simultaneously stay on the road. At last, she wrestled the earpiece into position and turned her attention back to driving. “Special Agent Davidson.”

“Oh, you sound so professional!”

“Hi, mom,” Ann said wearily, rolling her eyes.

“Did you hear the news?” Carol Davidson’s tone turned somber.

“About Rachel?”


“I’m on my way now.”

That piece of information took her mother by surprise. “This is your case? Oh, Julie Ann, I don’t think I like the idea of you working on it.”

“It’s not officially my case,” Ann admitted. “The Pittsburgh Field Office probably has agents on it, but Rachel’s my friend. I have to help her if I can.”

“Honey, her house exploded. This could be a very, very dangerous—”

“Mom, I’m still on the road. Got to go. Love you. I’ll call you later,” Ann said in one breath. She hung up before they could get into the much overdone ‘dangers of your job’ conversation.

Sorry, mom.

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