Monday, August 18, 2014

Nancy Drew Review Project

Okay, so I keep hearing about bloggers giving themselves challenges. One of my major downfalls as a blogger is consistency. So here's my new plan. I have tons of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. I can't remember which I've read and which I haven't, but I'm going to try and review as many of them as I possibly can. Here are the first two reviews:

Case: Mystery #67 The Sinister Omen
Publisher: Minstrel Books
Date: 1982
Page Count: 193
Rating: 4 Stars
Date Finished: 8/17/14
Client: Case 1 – Senor Segovia and Carson Drew are hot on the trail of a bunch of stamp thieves and smugglers.
Case 2 – Somebody has been breaking into Mrs. Palmer’s house. The perpetrator(s) haven’t taken anything, but they are making a mess of her house.
Does Nancy get captured/ tied up/ and/or knocked out?: Yes
Which friends are present?: Whole gang (Bess, George, Burt, Dave, and Ned)
Danger/action level: medium
Comments: The action shows up early in this one.

Conclusion: Worthwhile read. I enjoyed the fact that the ghostwriter weaved two stories into one here. It’s fairly predictable, but still satisfying.

Case: Mystery #98 The Haunting of Horse Island
Publisher: Minstrel Books
Date: 1990
Page Count: 151
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Date Finished: 8/18/14
Client: Friends of George’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steadman, own a resort, but somebody’s going around sabotaging things for an unknown reason.
Does Nancy get captured/ tied up/ and/or knocked out?: Yes, KO-ed
Which friends are present?: Bess and George
Danger/action level: high, lots going on here

Comments: Bess’s worry over ghosts gets a little tiresome, but there is a lot of action, adventure, and danger.

Conclusion: If you had to pick one Nancy Drew book to try, give this one a go.

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