Sunday, August 24, 2014

After Earth Movie Review - 3.5 stars

Summary: Basically a survival story. Cypher's son, Kitai, fails to be elevated to Ranger status, so the mother sends him with Cypher on a bonding experience. The ship crashes and Kitai needs to make a 100 kilometer journey to set off a beacon or they're going to die.

Comments: Decent movie. Nothing Earth shattering in terms of plotting, but it's got pretty visuals and good imagination in terms of monsters and nature-like things that could kill the hero. Music fits. In terms of it being a sci-fi movie, it's just mediocre. They try to deepen the characters through flashbacks, but even so, they don't come across as very deep. It's worth watching once.

Conclusion: If you're a Will Smith fan who likes sci-fi, give it a go.

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