Monday, August 11, 2014

Join Julie's Special Agents Street Team #JuliesSpecialAgents @authorgilbert

Do you want to join the most awesome young adult street team? If so, now is the time! We are recruiting members to be part of Julie's Special Agents and help spread the word about Team Jules!

Who can be one of Julie's Special Agents?

Anyone that has read about Jillian Marie (Devya's Children)or Julie Ann (The Collins Case) can be a Special Agent! Even before she was kidnapped Jillian was bright, brave and headstrong. Special Agent Julie Ann takes on more than she can chew when a personal case lands on her desk. Join our team and find out if you are as bright and headstrong as Jillian? Or if you have what it takes when a case hits too close to home?

What does the Street Team do?

The street team is a vital part of Julie Gilbert's growth. Members will be helping us spread the word about Devya's Children, Heartfelt Cases and Julie Gilbert. You can tweet, Facebook, blog, etc.. There will be giveaways so re-tweeting and using the hash-tags #JuliesSpecialAgents #TeamJules, #Devya'sChildren and #HeartfeltCases with the link will be important. We will also post new missions often in the group and I will email the missions to members as they are available. So, what do you say?

What do Street Team members get?

Street Team members will have special buttons and badges they can place on their blogs. If you'd like, please also post them as your avatar, Facebook image, or anywhere else you see fit. We have several images that can be posted on Pinterest as well. If you do post images and want to know where to link it to, please use You are also eligible for prizes and free books that are earned based on participation.

How do I sign up?

Are you ready to join us and accept your first mission as part of Team Jules? Fill out the form below to get started!

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