Friday, August 22, 2014

Nancy Drew Mystery #76 The Eskimo's Secret Review

 Hey look, I'm actually semi-consistent. It's only been about 5 days since I last posted a Nancy Drew review.

Case: Nancy Drew Mystery #76 The Eskimo’s Secret
Rating: 4.5 stars
Date Finished: 8/22/14
Client: Case 1 – Carson Drew disappears while investigating the mysterious people out to ruin Helen Haggler’s import business. Case 2 – Somebody’s walked off with a beautiful Eskimo carving called the “Tundra,” and the only person who might give Nancy answers is her friend, Alana Steele, who’s also missing.
Does Nancy get captured/ tied up/ and/or knocked out?: No, well that’s a surprise.
Which friends are present?: Usual suspects are absent on this one, but there’s a new friend, Alana Steele.
Danger/action level: I’d categorize the action here as medium. There’s probably more “intrigue” than “action.”

- One of Alana’s mini-speeches alone earned the extra half-star.
- The descriptions of Nancy’s emotional turmoil at her father’s plight are adequate. I like that the events seem to give her more emotional depth than we’re used to seeing.
- With the inclusion of tape decks and pay phones, this book is quite dated, but it’s still fun.
- I found 5 grammatical errors in my copy of this book. I always thought they were super clean grammatically, since they were published by a pretty reputable publishing house, but that could just be I read most of them before really paying attention to that sort of thing.
- The title actually has an integral part of the plot. It’s not just there to sound cool.

Conclusion: If you want to see more of Nancy Drew the thinking detective, this is a great choice.

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