Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My 2014 Goal | Give Back + Raise Money: Charities

The 2014 Goal / Objective: 
To obtain 200 new reviews for my books + raise money for charities.

Possible Beneficiaries:  

Together we are stronger than the individual sum of our parts. We can have a greater impact if we work together. Many people understand these sentiments but have no idea how to turn them into practical means of helping. There are many causes worth fighting for, but limited resources often make us feel inadequate. We don’t often consider time and talent gifts to be spent on worthy causes.

Sure, I could give to each cause on my own without anyone ever knowing it, but the amount I actually would give is probably far less than what will be given if I force 1000 strangers and new friends to keep me accountable. Besides, many of these non-profits rely on word of mouth to spread their causes. By reading this, you’ve heard of them and maybe even read up on their causes, whether they stick in your mind and heart is up to you.

In 2014, I will donate $1 per new honest review of any of my books. (2014 reviews thus far = 1) I will also donate $0.10 per "New Like" on my Facebook Page and $0.20 per postcard/bookmark pack given away in a contest (up to $200). The current “like” count is 1095. (Facebook Likes Increased = 11 at $1.10 & Postcards given away in 2014 so far = 5 at $1) A very good start I'd say.

What books does this apply to?
Genre: YA, Science Fiction

Genre: YA, Science Fiction

Genre: Christian, Mystery

Heartfelt Cases 2: The Kiverson Case (novella) - Coming Soon
Genre: Christian, Mystery

I want to help, but I don’t really want to buy a new book:
I’m willing to invest a bit in this project. I have 20 copies of Ashlynn’s Dreams, First Edition (old cover). Anyone within the U.S. may request one of these. Upon request, I will mail a book to an address you provide. Your obligation from that point on is to read, review, sign, and pass on the book. The pass on part is important. The worst fate any book can suffer is to languish in a box, where most of these are currently residing.

Also, if you email me or my PA and let us know which book (title) and eBook version/format (mobi, epub, pdf) you prefer we'll provide you with a review copy that way.

I want to help, but I hate reading YA and/or Christian books, how can I help?
  1. Like my Facebook Page. Invite your friends to like my page.
  2. Email the blog post of my proposal to good friends (ones who won’t consider your email spam).
  3. Donate to one of these worthy causes.
  4. If you’re an author, run a similar program. I dare ya. I triple dog dare ya.

If none of this fits you, then try to think of some creative way you could give. I’d love to hear your story.

Ideas to consider:
  • Volunteer at a food bank
  • Take a struggling friend out for dinner
  • Do the dishes for your parents
  • Visit people in the hospital
  • Rake leaves/ shovel snow / pick up sticks for a neighbor
  • Buy gift cards to a food market and donate them to those in need
  • Sell some treasures you haven’t used in 20+ years on eBay and donate the cash, etc.
Fine Details/ How do I get my review to count?
I’d prefer the reviews be done on amazon, goodreads, or some other program I’ve heard of, but I’ll also take email submissions. They don’t have to be positive reviews, just honest, and it needs to be more than “it was good” or “it was bad”. Amazon says you have to put in at least 20 words, but I’m going to up that to at least 100 because I believe you’ve got to put time and effort in this as your investment.

The total number of Amazon reviews is easy to check on, but if you’re posting to a different site or don’t want your review out in the public eye, paste the review into the body of an email.

Closing Remarks:
An idea like this only works if other people catch on to the vision. Part of why I want to do this is to get people to realize that lending a helping hand doesn’t always have to involve money, sometimes the gift can be time, talent, or even just a smile.

I, Julie C. Gilbert, am in no way directly associated with any of these charities.  I am simply promising to donate in response to your (my followers) participation on my Facebook page and interaction with my work.

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