Thursday, April 26, 2007

Liquid Prayers (4.25.07)

As promised, I let the whole tragedy at Virginia Tech seep into me for a solid's the usual it is a song:

Liquid Prayers (4/25/2007)

One week slipped by, then almost two.
Each moment made the pain recede,
But I wanted to cry....
I wanted to cry for the angry man
Who stole so many lives.
I wanted to cry for the people
Who would never see home again.
Wanted to cry for the strangers
Mourning a loved one lost.
Wanted to pour out liquid prayers

For everyone
wounded in body, spirit, and soul.

Imagine my dismay when I discovered,
Something deep within holds my tears at bay.
Have I seen too much to cry?
Or is there too much to cry for?

Though no tears may come,
My heart will weep.
I will weep for the angry man,
For those who fell that day,
For everyone beyond our help.
I will weep for the strangers
Whose pain may not recede.
I will pour our liquid prayers

To bind w
ounds of body, spirit and soul.

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Unknown said...

Great word of liquid prayer some time when our hearts and mind is filled with sorrow there is no need for word because God reads our tears there is a time for weeping and a time for prayer a time for travailing and a time for just tears. God bless you Rosa