Saturday, April 14, 2007

Current Projects

I've never shared this much about my writing before, but I guess it's all gotta come out sometime. Like I said in my other blog, most of my fantasy writing is done for the Legends of Mernac, an online writing and art community with the potential to be much more. I've been haunting that place for about six months or so, and I know I've grown as a writer just by virtue of sheer practice. I'd never tried fantasy before, but since joining Mernac, I've written about Merfolk, rangers, horses, potion makers, a bug race, and lots more.

Outside Mernac, I have several science fiction novels in the works. I think the series will be 5 books long, and being 2 books into the process, I guess I'm somewhere around 35% done. A small publisher is currently looking at the sample chapters for the first novel *cross fingers*. Without going into specifics, that series is about a planet whose political climate changes more times than I change undies, which I assure you is frequent.

I'm also a part of My Writing Friend, which is another online writing critique community. In this one, the head lady will give three topics each month and ask all members to write a story concerning one of those three.

The 10-yr-old from Georgia, is Jillian. She's a blast to write. I might even post her stories here. I haven't quite figured out what to do with her, since she doesn't really fit into children's literature, nor does she fit adults or YA exactly. She's just: Jillian, the southern gal with an all-knowing Nana.

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