Sunday, April 15, 2007

Each Poem, A Song

I've tried to explain this process before, but yesterday, I got frustrated with that darn old Blogger program, so I decided to start over. About 99.9% of the poems I write are actually songs. The process takes about 30-45 minutes from start to finish once I actually start writing. Basically, the first step is to think of a tune to nonsensical words. For example, with Journey of Discovery, I started with words sort of like: "Eh ah ma say hey,
ona mon ee eh
Eh ah ma see eh
com ma ee eh
ah mat tea eh a mat tea eh"

The first step, however, the tune one, can last for days, weeks, or even months. Then, depending on which words I chose, the tune may change slightly. Taking that tune, the words became: "Always thought I knew (Eh ah ma say hey)
All I needed to about plants. (Eh a ma see eh ah monee eh)
But I was wrong, so very wrong (eh ah moh say, see ah moh see)
So many things I did not know (Soh ah ma tay, ah see monee)
Suddenly came to life for me (so ma tee eh a ma tea eh)
when I began to study. (Too ah moh nee ah sooee)

Each bit and piece of that original tune is like a puzzle piece. While writing the poem, I mentally pick it apart and paste the pieces together in a different order. Words, in any language I suppose, though I only know English well, have a natural rhythm to them. They take themselves higher or lower as they please.

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