Monday, April 23, 2007

Reflections, One Week Post VT Shootings

Nearly everyone remembers which elementary school, high school, college, and other school they've ever attended. But the world only remember the tragedies. Why? Columbine, Virginia Tech, and any other place with a shooting, bomb scare, or other threat become lodged in our minds, our hearts, our souls. But why?

After watching a bit of news coverage Tuesday, I forgot all about Virginia Tech for the rest of last week. Is that a good, bad, or normal thing? Part of me feels every day should have opened with a prayer for the families of the fallen and everyone else touched in a deep way. The other part of me, the cynical one, just shrugs helplessly and says, "Well, it's just one more sign of sin in the world." There's even a small bit of an even more selfish me who says, "Well, thank God it wasn't me."

I go about my business as usual, barely sparing a stray thought for the victims. How did I become so callus? What sort of self-preservation trickery of the mind deadens my emotions so? I'm sure if I wanted to I could make myself cry over the incident, but what would these tears mean? Certainly nothing to those around me; we're all tucked safe in our emotional bubbles.

Maybe one day I'll write a poem or song to mark the occasion, but for now, these wandering thoughts will have to do.

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