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December Launch 2015 Lei Crime Kindle World Stories

The Lei Crime Series Kindle World has dozens of stories. They can be published at any time, but we make a concerted effort to turn out new stories every quarter. I've been privileged to have a new title out each launch in 2015. It's been quite the experience working in the midst of such a rich world of great side characters as well as alongside some hugely talented people. If you haven't tried Toby Neal's original Lei Crime Series, you totally should. And if you haven't checked out Kindle Worlds, please do. #LeicrimeKW is just one of many growing worlds. If you love writing, consider doing some research and joining a world that appeals to you.

Blood Orchids is book 1 in the Original Lei Crime Series by Toby Neal

There are 8 New Releases since the October Launch. Here they are in no particular order. Well, that's not true. They're in the order that I see them on a lovely graphic that I'm using for a cheat sheet of what was recently published.

Palm Trees & Snowflakes by Scott Bury

A Hawaii mystery

Snowflake has a whole new meaning in Hawaii. The new designer drug being trafficked through Oahu gives users the perfect high--and slowly kills them.

In Honolulu, where the palm trees are strung with lights for the holidays, FBI Special Agents Vanessa Storm and Ken Yamada have their hands full trying to stop this deadly flow. Faulty intel brings the agents into a deadly firefight, which yields even more puzzles.

How do the drug lords change their smuggling routes and methods with every single shipment? Vanessa's handsome, charming, and untrustworthy ex-boyfriend might have the answer.

Esther's Gift by Bette Lee Crosby

In the days before hurricane Iniki hit the island of Kauai the forecasters predicted it would stay south of Hilo. But Esther Ka’awai, a psychic and gifted wise woman of the ancient culture has seen the future. She knows of the devastation that will come to the island. She has warned those she loves; now all she can do is pray.

As she struggles to accept this gift of knowing, Esther discovers that even the most wonderful gift can sometimes break your heart.

A story of love, faith and a belief in the future.

One of Her Own by Shawn McGuire

Maui is the perfect place… for murder.

Gemi Kittredge, rising MMA star, is facing the fight of her career. She hasn't heard from her flighty sister in two weeks. And, she's just come across the body of a fellow boxer during her morning run.

While her friend, Consuelo Aguilar, helps Gemi stay focused on the match, Detective Lei Texeira is hot on the trail of the killer. But the closer they get to the truth, the more Gemi starts to fear the killer could be one of her own.

One of Her Own takes place after Shattered Palms, book 6 in the Lei Crimes series.

Dark Dawn by Fiona Manning

She never knew what was waiting for her…

As the wife of hot-headed Maui detective Pono Kaihale, devoted mom to their two kids and her high-octane jobs as a nurse and wedding planner have prepared Tiare to handle anything. Or so she she’s always thought.

Her often difficult Aunty Nalani is a constant nightmare with her history of drug and alcohol addictions and a recent period of homelessness. Unfortunately, Pono can’t stand her so Tiare is often left to deal with her aunt alone. Even Nalani’s twin sister, Kekepania (Keke for short) despairs of her, but now, Nalani seems to finally have her life on track. One rainy morning, tragedy strikes. Keke and her daughter, three-year-old Anuhea vanish. Nalani claims to have no knowledge of her whereabouts. Pono is working hard on a case and doesn’t have time to deal with the aunties’ nonsense. He suggests if Keke is really missing, to file a missing person’s report. Though hurt by her husband’s indifference, Tiare takes his advice and takes the first steps by going into Keke’s house looking for clues. There, she discovers some shocking things about her favorite aunty. Joining forces with Pono’s frequent partner, Lei Texeira, Tiare uncovers a secret plot so sinister it shocks her, and there’s nobody to help her. Her life now at risk, Tiare digs deep to save her aunty and herself. But is she too late? They say it’s darkest before dawn, but for Tiare, dawn just seems to get darker and darker…

Elysium's Tombstones by R.S. Guthrie

Sorry, I've got nothing but a title and author for ya on this one. Will update when possible.

Christmas Makes it Chaos by Julie C. Gilbert (yes, that's me)

Christmas is a time for peace, love, and family. Right?

Wrong. Some people prefer chaos.

FBI Special Agent Marcella Scott travels to Philadelphia with her partner, Matthew Rogers, for a law enforcement conference on battling terrorism. She never makes it. Instead, she ends up investigating an actual threat with an unlikely ally.

Cassandra Mirren prefers working alone, but she’s been ordered to bring Agent Scott along for the ride. Their last encounter was adversarial, but this time they have a common foe.

Can the agent and the assassin save countless lives this Christmas?

Tell the Truth by Corinne O'Flynn

Tell the Truth … the whole truth, and nothing but the truth …

The words sound great, but what if the truth could cost you your life?

It’s been eleven months since Detective Leilani Texeira captured the monster who kidnapped young women and sold them as sex slaves. Lei can’t wait for her chance to testify and finally put this case behind her.

But the crime ring syndicate doesn’t want the man going to trial. When their attempt to kill him in prison fails, they change tactics and targets.

They hunt witnesses.

Suddenly, Lei finds herself fighting for her life, and this time it’s not just one enemy, it’s a syndicate. How high of a blood price must be paid in order to tell the truth? Can Lei protect the other witness or will she die trying?

Valley Isle Secrets by Rasana Atreya

Wayne Texeira’s life couldn’t get any better. He’s out of prison. He’s rebuilding his relationship with his daughter. He has a new ladylove.

Then, out in the Maui woods, he stumbles across a body. The death is ruled suicide. Days later, he crosses paths with another death. That, too, is ruled suicide.

Is there a pattern to the deaths, or is he seeing a conspiracy where none exists? Texeira reluctantly takes his concerns to the cops. But they won’t investigate because – come on – who takes an ex-con seriously?

Convinced there is more to the suicides than mere depression, Texeira starts poking around. What he finds is just too incredible to comprehend.

Hope you enjoy the stories. If you happen to like any of 'em please remember to review on Amazon and Goodreads.

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