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Buy Jessica Strong #CR4U #RIP #Tribute

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If you're a part of the Clean Indie Reads group, you've probably already heard that Jessica Strong passed away suddenly a few days before Christmas. I can't imagine what it must be like for her family, but I know some of the CIR people wanted to put together a tribute for her buy collectively buying her books tomorrow at the same time so her rankings would go up. For those not authors, ranking's kinda a big deal to us.

So, anyway,here's the link to her amazon author page if you'd like to see what she came up with during her brief but brilliant life.

Book titles with descriptions

John Henry and the Tornado

John Henry came back from Vietnam a long time ago. But all he did was return to his country, he didn't really come home. He gave up the battle of trying to settle down until he heard a brother and sister playing. It had reminded him of better days when he was young. The days he had shared with his brother. So he had stayed in the small town of Woodville and listened to the two children laughing, playing and making plans. Then the tornado had hit and John Henry found himself wanting to protect the children, but if the town found out about him he may have to leave again and that was the last thing he wanted to do. The choice John Henry would have to make would be the bravest choice he had ever made - to finally come home and help two children who needed him.

Bertie O'Brien and the Button Factory: How Bertie O'Brien built a button factory slaying monsters

I always knew there was a family secret. I just didn't know how big that secret was until I went to visit my great Aunt Maggie. There in her attic she told me what everyone had tried to keep hidden all these years. My great great Uncle Bertie was a monster slayer, but you won't believe how he slew them. I'm still not sure I believe it myself.

Reluctant Witness (Laura Cahill Book 1)

Assistant District Attorney Laura Cahill is assigned a double homicide that quickly develops into the biggest drug ring case in New York City within a decade. The investigation not only reveals the unexpected, but also opens up the lives of everyone it touches. As Laura starts to fall for their key witness, a brilliant young doctor with secrets of his own, she is taught painful lessons that her serious tone of mind has spared her from learning. As skeletons start coming out of the closets, Laura sees that serving the law can sometimes subvert the course of justice. Can she find a way to keep the closet door closed and still live with her conscience?

In $ We Trust (Laura Cahill Book 2)

"Good morning, American! Meltdown!" Those were the words that greeted viewers as they turned on their TV’s on September 15th, 2008. The greatest recession since the great depression was announced.

Six years later when Gloria Moore had her own violent meltdown in a bank in New York City, four people were dead and another critically wounded. She told Assistant District Attorney Neal there needed to be accountability for the financial mess. She would plead guilty to whatever charges he brought against her as long as he investigated the cause of the market crash.

Reluctantly Barney Neal soon realizes that a jury may acquit once they know Gloria Moore’s personal story. If he wants to settle the case out of court, and keep markets steady, he will have to do as she asks.

Cain's Mark (Laura Cahill Book 3)

Laura Cahill is back working with Detectives Carlos Cabral and Mike Grady when they are called to investigate the murder of a young woman. It is the second murder of a young woman that the two detectives are investigating and both men are concerned that the murders will end up in the cold case file. Initially, there is another Assistant District Attorney assigned to the case, but because of a niggling concern that the two cases are related, they both end up on Laura's desk. No one wants to believe that this is the work of the same killer, but when other cases with similar MO’s start piling up Laura and the detectives are forced to accept the fact that there is a serial killer on the loose. Unfortunately, the only connection that the victims share is as vague as it is absurd. Who knew that a book review could mean murder?

Fearfully Made (Emma Shaw Book 1)

Revised and Re-edited August 29, 2015

Emma looked down at the sketch of the woman she knew was about to become their prime suspect.

“What does she have that I don’t?” The question came instantly to Emma’s mind. But she knew that whatever the answer was – she didn’t have ‘it’ – because Paul didn’t see it in her. The artist had said Emma and the ‘suspect’ were similar. But whatever made them the same could also be what made them different. Emma looked at the picture and frowned, she looked up at the scene around her; CSI, FBI, San Diego PD and the Fire Department. She looked back at the sketch. The two didn’t match. Why would someone who was that beautiful be a professional killer? Her looks would draw too much attention. But there was no way that Emma could explain that to Paul, or anyone else.

Emma thought of the words of the sketch artist.

“You look like her.” But they weren’t the same, were they?

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