Friday, June 27, 2014

Review | The Maiden's Bequest (MacDonalds / Phillips Series) by George MacDonald

Title: The Maiden's Bequest
 (MacDonalds / Phillips Series)
Author: George MacDonald
Length: 288 Pages
Released: April 1985


MacDonald's genius as a storyteller is seen once again in this moving, inspiring story of Alec Forbes and his friend Annie.

Orphaned as a child, Annie's special friendship with Alec is a source of strength and security which sees them both through many difficulties in their nineteenth-century Scotland.

Alec and Annie eventually are separated by circumstances when he leaves to study medicine at the university. There he meets beautiful Kate and falls helplessly in love. But she rejects him in favor of an arrogant upperclassman. Alec bitterly blames himself for Kate's eventual despair. How will he come to recognize that peace and tranquility, hallmarks of Annie's life, come from within?

True Romance At Its Best!

Alec and Annie are two rare characters that have depth and life to them. They're not perfect, but they grow, learn, change, and mature as the story progresses. The story isn't all that complicated or intricate, but the characters are compelling. The unjust and the just have their ups and downs. Revenge is had but proven bitter. Love provides a shield against some storms yet no shield for others. I think one thing I enjoyed about the book was its simple beauty. The passages were well written. There were no sections where I thought the author was just being plain lazy with a description.

It's a bit tough to read at times, dense packing of words and all that, but it's well worth reading. Child safe, too, if you're so inclined to share with teens and younger children with very high reading skills.

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