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Review | Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Omen (Audio CD) by Christie Golden

Title: Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Omen
Author:  Christie Golden
Format:  Audio CD
Released: June 2009


The Jedi Order is in crisis. The late Jacen Solo’s shocking transformation into murderous Sith Lord Darth Caedus has cast a damning pall over those who wield the Force for good: Two Jedi Knights have succumbed to an inexplicable and dangerous psychosis, criminal charges have driven Luke Skywalker into self-imposed exile, and power-hungry Chief of State Natasi Daala is exploiting anti-Jedi sentiment to undermine the Order’s influence within the Galactic Alliance.

Forbidden to intervene in Jedi affairs, Luke is on a desperate mission to uncover the truth behind Jacen’s fall to the dark side–and to learn what’s turning peaceful Jedi into raving lunatics. But finding answers will mean venturing into the mind-bending space of the Kathol Rift and bargaining with an alien species as likely to destroy outsiders as deal with them. Still, there is no other choice and no time to lose, as the catastrophic events on Coruscant continue to escalate. Stricken by the same violent dementia that infected her brother, Valin, Jedi Knight Jysella Horn faces an equally grim fate after her capture by Natasi Daala’s police. And when Han and Leia Solo narrowly foil another deranged Jedi bent on deadly destruction, even acting Jedi Grand Master Kenth Hamner appears willing to bow to Daala’s iron will–at the expense of the Jedi Order.

But an even greater threat is looming. Millennia in the past, a Sith starship crashed on an unknown low-tech planet, leaving the survivors stranded. Over the generations, their numbers have grown, the ways of the dark side have been nurtured, and the time is fast approaching when this lost tribe of Sith will once more take to the stars to reclaim their legendary destiny as rulers of the galaxy. Only one thing stands in their way, a name whispered to them through the Force: Skywalker.

- From the Hardcover edition.

I've only heard the audiobook, so I couldn't tell you how short/ long it was as a novel. Several side point events were intriguing, but yes, it did sound a lot like the first book in the series. Not much happened as far as major plotting goes.

More Jedi go nuts, Luke and Ben are still off on their exile journey following Jacen's footsteps.

Weak pts (spoiler alert):
- Maybe it's b/c I didn't read the book, but I really couldn't get into the new character. She's in the book/ audiobook a lot. (I think it was a 3 ch cycle.) By the end, I still don't really care what happens/ doesn't happen to her. You'd think if she's going to play a larger role in the story, she would fit in better. It kind of seemed like a completely separate story that just got thrown in to lengthen the page count
- pointless plot - I'm not sold on the whole "what went wrong with Jacen" thing. I mean every day life is often boring and mundane and repetitive, books aren't supposed to be that way. I shouldn't be sitting here thinking, wow, they really have run out of meaningful stories to tell.

Redeeming pts (spoiler alert):
- One long awaited love subplot creeps forward to a new level.
- relationships/ interactions b/t Han-Jaina and Luke-Ben are nice
- Tahiri's still hanging around and not completely out of the game... nice cliffhanger, props to the author and planning committee.

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