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Promotional Event | Nadia's Tears @AuthorGilbert #DevyasChildren

Title: Nadia's Tears
Series: Devya's Children
Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Released: July 31, 2013
Genre: YA Sci-Fiction
Presented by: As You Wish Tours

Jillian must enter Nadia's dreams to wake her from a mysterious coma. In Nadia's dreams, Jillian meets several versions of her sister, including the elegant Queen Elena, fierce Naidine, and heartbroken Nadie. Meanwhile, Danielle must save her friend Christy from making choices that could get them both killed.

“The sooner Ashlynn sorts Nadia, the sooner we can get back on schedule,” Dr. Devya replied. He sounded like a man trying to tame a lion.

“We don’t know if she can sort Nadia,” Dr. Carnasis snapped. She glared up at Dr. Devya. From her expression, I knew she was just barely refraining from stabbing Dr. Devya in the chest with the pen she held in one clenched fist. “We know next to nothing about why she is the way she is, but needlessly endangering Jillian is irresponsible, callous, and stupid!”

“Evie, you’re letting your feelings for Ashlynn affect your—”

“Do you remember what today is?” Dr. Carnasis interrupted.

Dr. Devya ran a hand through his mussed brown hair. “Of course, I remember; it’s Nadia’s birthday.”

“Nadia’s fourteenth birthday,” Dr. Carnasis corrected. “Do you remember what that means?” she inquired, arching an eyebrow while still glaring at Dr. Devya.

“Sure. Her Gift should give her the ability to alter vital signs, her own and anyone in close physical proximity to her.” Dr. Devya spoke as if he was reciting a list of groceries to pick up. “If we want to train her in that, we’re going to have to wake her. Ashlynn’s our best hope for digging her out of the coma.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that Nadia might feel threatened by Jillian’s presence in her mind?” Dr. Carnasis, just realizing she’d been strangling her pen, clipped the pen to a board tucked under her left arm.

Understanding dawned in Dr. Devya’s light brown eyes. “You think Nadia might actually harm Ashlynn?” He looked disturbed by his own question. “That would be totally against her programming.” He sounded like the very idea violated some fundamental law of nature.

With most of her anger already spent, Dr. Carnasis just seemed tired. “We should be prepared for anything. Obviously, dropping into a coma wasn’t exactly planned for either.”

“True,” Dr. Devya admitted. He narrowed his eyes in deep concentration. “Should we try a hard wire?”

About Me
Julie mainly confines her writing to three genres: Christian inspirational, YA real-world science fiction, and normal science fiction.

She likes teaching, writing, reading, sleeping, doing puzzles, and hanging out with friends. (Not necessarily in that order)

Writing has made her super picky about the things she reads but normally, her reading list includes something that fits under the thriller, mystery, science fiction, or fantasy.

Occasionally, she attempts short poetry. The poems turn into songs, which she sings with abandon when nobody's looking.

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