Sunday, August 5, 2007

Commentary on God and being a god

So far so good.
Now approaching the first full week of being Terees, Mother of Wisdom and Harmony, for the Legends of Mernac, I find myself facing the first daunting tasks. I've yet to step into the administration parts of the job, but the character parts are quite an interesting study.
I think I'll start a fictional prayer answering thing, just for the practice.
How does this reconcile with the RW and a relationship with the true Most High?
As a writer, trying to place oneself in the position of "god" is dangerously power-trippy. It makes one think though. Been reading a book on Prayer (er I think by Phillip Yancy, tells you how much attn I pay to who the author is:-) The normal questions that arise... Why doesn't God do this? Why doesn't God do that? Doesn't He care at all?... are most interesting to attempt answering, especially from the pov of a goddess of wisdom.
I imagine in this fictional world, it'll be really easy to blame my character for "not doing enough" to save the world from war, pain, etc. The author of the prayer book I'm reading talks about prayer in stages...not hierarchical stages, just different stages. I find myself mostly in the childlike prayer stage. Or as the pastor today said: the Gimme stage.

Does RW (real world) prayer really work? Heck yeah. Is it worth it? Heck yeah. Is it hard work? Heck yeah? So why do we do it? Can't answer for everyone, but for me, repetition of a poem - song or even my stints of complaining at God are prayer. The results may not be tangible, but they're there in a sense of peace and purpose.

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