Sunday, June 24, 2007

Neverwinter Nights Obsession - mild spoilers

I should probably sell this game, even though I got it max 3 weeks ago. It's the diamond edition, so it's got the original campaign, Shadows of Undrentide, Hordes of the Underdark, Kingmaker, Witches' Wake, and Shadow Guard.

Bit of a cheat: If you want to start the NWN normal campaign at level 15 with a lot of money and stuff... Well, you could pick one of the premade peoples, but I'm always partial to my names, selfish I know. Anyway, start Hordes of the Underdark as whatever character you want to design. It'll have you level up to 15. Then, you simply play until you get some equipment from the inn's armor a little longer if you want a few more weapons and such.

Kingmaker is my favorite module so far. I love that it can be replayed in a different way, as there are four choices of henchman and you pick two in the beginning. That's not really a learn it about 2 minutes into the game. Okay, sorry, mild spoiler.

The female voice for Shadow Guard is absolutely lovely. It's soothing. I just like listening to the beginning story. It's a good 3 minute story or something along those lines. The male voice is nice too but I dunno, I think I sort of like the girl's voice better for this tale.

Witches Wake was just annoying...That's MHO. At least in Shadow Guard they gave you a decent weapon... this one... you start out weak as a kitten, armed with rags, will, and a spear plucked off some dead guy. The rats can beat the heck out of you the entire module through. That is so very not fun...rather humiliating to have the rats kick your tail from tunnel to tunnel.

The normal campaign has a decent story. There are plenty of nice walkthroughs out there for those of us who want to do a lot of the side quests but are far too lazy to sit there and figure them all out. Some of those puzzles, esp in the exp pack called Hordes of the Underdark, are irksome at their best points.

I think I'm addicted to leveling up. Yes, that's it.... I love that sprightly sound and the little happy, shooting star type version of the PC. I love picking new powers and such, even though I predictably choose the same thing over and over: Concentration, Parry, and Spellcraft...occasionally heal or something. Concentration so I can beat on baddies with spells, Parry so they can't hit me and Spellcraft b/c it sounded like it would be useful. With that level up cheatingness it might not be necessary to beef up spellcraft quite so high.

If I ever want to get writing done this summer...and lesson plans...this obsession needs to be halted. That's why I'll probably never ever ever get into the NWN online stuff... though I'm pretty sure there are lots of modules I'm missing. *sigh* The sacrifices that are made for an art form.

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