Monday, April 6, 2015

The Full Launch Menu - Lei Crime Series Kindle World

Fireweed Trail by Craig Hansen (Flavor: Suspense – YA, Coming of Age) Teen Lei is sent by Aunty to a wilderness-encounter down the Oregon Coast trail, a program for troubled youth. But when a hiker disappears, then turns up dead, Lei is no longer hiking, but running for her life. Timeline: Way before Blood Orchids

Never Again by Julie C. Gilbert (Flavor: Suspense - Stalking) Michael Stevens becomes the target of his best friend’s jealous ex-boyfriend. Timeline: Long before Blood Orchids

The Shell Keeper by Christine Nolfi (Flavor: Sweet) Lei’s aunty sends her on a vacation to relax before she starts her new job. Timeline: Immediately before Blood Orchids

A Snake in Paradise by Eden Baylee (Flavor: Suspense – Vacation Mystery) After Lainey Lee’s divorce is finalized, she decides to take the vacation she’s always wanted: to Hawaii. But there’s danger in paradise, waiting to prey on the vulnerable. Timeline: Concurrent with Blood Orchids

Warrior Dog By Emily Kimelman (Flavor: Action – Animal Star) Keiki, Lei’s faithful Rottweiler, defends her pack against a fearsome, uncontrollable foe: fire.

Saddle Road by J.L. Oakley (Flavor: Mystery – US Veterans) Detective Lei Texeira and Lieutenant Michael Stevens get embroiled in a case involving a charity scam that’s ripping off funds meant for PTSD veterans.

Half Moon Girls by Corinne O’Flynn (Flavor: Murder Mystery) Detective Lei Tedeira investigates a murder on Kauai and a kidnapping involving a friend’s daughter.

Hidden Poppies By M.L. Doyle (Flavor: Mystery; LGBT) FBI Special Agents Marcella Scott and Ken Yamada tackle a tough case with personal consequences.

Princess Eyes by Lucas Kana (Flavor: Suspense) – Coming Soon A young intellectual Stevens teams up with a good-natured bohemian psychologist, Jenna Brooke, to investigate a serial killer targeting rapists.

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