Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clean Indie Reads Reviews

Recently, I've had the privilege of reading some books by various authors from a FB Group called Clean Indie Reads. So far, every one of them has been very good and most have been excellent. 4.5/5 stars The Samurai's Garden by Patricia Kiyono 4/5 stars Jessie by Rebekah Lyn 4/5 stars Blue Hydrangeas by Marianne Sciucco 4/5 stars Chickens, Hawks, and Grumpy Goats: Five Years on a Farm by S.A. Molteni 4.5/5 stars The Castle Blues Quake by Linda Covella 4/5 stars Yakimali's Gift by Linda Covella 4.5/5 stars 15 Minutes by Jill Cooper

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