Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sandra Bullock Holds Down Gravity with a Stellar Performance

This is not my type of movie, though it does contain plenty of things exploding. 
Gravity's about one woman's desperate fight to survive the harsh conditions of space when a routine maintenance turns absolutely deadly. I don't really keep up with actors and actresses too well, but I distinctly remember Sandra Bullock from light-hearted movies like Miss Congeniality. Gravity's a far different role. As Dr. Ryan Stone, audiences are treated to actual first-rate acting.

The story's way far-fetched and the plot's certainly out there, but at its heart, Gravity's a character driven tale of survival. The movie's screen time of 1:30 ish minutes fits it perfectly. There was one spot where I felt things were dragging a bit, but it was brief enough to not leave a total bad flavor for the film. 

I'm not much of a drama type movie goer, but I'd actually watch this one twice.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

(When I got to the end, I half expected to see scenes from the recent Tomb Raider game.)

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