Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ashlynn's Dreams Release Party

Come join the release party on Facebook at this link. Let me know if you need an invite.
It's Feb 18 from 2-7 ish EST online. Come when you can. You can learn more about Ashlynn's Dreams, ask me any questions you'd like, and enter to win prizes like free paperbacks, book marks, postcards, and (most exciting for most people) a $25 amazon gift certificate code.

Parties are more fun with lots of folks. So, if you like YA books, books in general, or just want to enter the contest, please join.

Ashlynn’s Dreams youtube trailer
Ashlynn’s Dreams facebook page
Heartfelt Cases 1: The Collins Case

What the heck is Ashlynn's Dreams?
A YA book about a girl who can shape people's dreams any way she wants. That power gets her and her babysitter kidnapped, so here, they tell their stories. 

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