Sunday, August 24, 2014

I Am Number Four Movie Review - 4 stars

*mild spoilers*
Summary: You don't learn what planet these numbered kids are from until about the last 5 seconds of the movie. Pretty much all you know is that there are a bunch of tall, creepy dudes who look like they crawled out of a grave to go numbered kid hunting. John Smith - Number Four - senses it as Number Three gets killed, so he knows he's next. He ends up fleeing with his guardian, Henry, to Paradise, Ohio, but he hates hiding, so he goes to the local high school.

Okay, so this is a movie with an identity crisis. Despite starting out with a long distance shot of earth then focusing in closer, it indeed starts out like a campy horror film. Then, we switch over to sun and fun with our hero riding a jet ski and pulling off lovely tricks, keeping a real low profile. That part has more the feel of baywatch for a moment. Once they flee to Paradise, we start on the sappy teen romance phase. There are also brief parts that are reminiscent of the Hardy Boys and The X-files. When they get to the high school for the final showdown with the baddies, there's a definite Jurassic park and star trek feel.

Conclusion: It was all right. It has that definite, we're going for a sequel here, vibe at the end, but there's an okay sense of closure that the good guys win the battle and are now entering a wider war. Parts got boring. I think that's pretty inevitable when you've got this much of an odd mix of genres involved in a movie.

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